On 16th August 1819 in St Peter's Fields, Manchester, armed cavalry charged a peaceful crowd of around 60,000 people gathered to listen to anti-poverty and pro-democracy speakers. It is estimated that 18 were killed, and nearly 700 seriously injured.

We were established in 2007 to campaign for a RESPECTFUL, INFORMATIVE and PERMANENT memorial to this major event in the history of Manchester
and its people, and to those who died that day.

Construction of the memorial is currently underway. Finding a solution to the issue of disability access has thus far proved unsatisfactory. See Campaign for more details.

What's happening around the 2019 Commemoration?

Join the swarm and be part of the biggest gathering of Liberty Caps to come together in one place since Peterloo. Find details of workshops and do-it-yourself 'Blue Peterloo' guides. Follow in the footsteps of the Peterloo Reformers and walk the routes they took into Manchester on this bicentenial commemoration.
Find out when and where marches are departing.
The Peterloo Tapestry will be on display!   See this and other exhibitions taking place around Greater Manchester over the
coming months.
Manchester Histories are leading a huge programme of events and activities across Greater Manchester from June - August 2019.
Find out more.

Coming Soon

A free to download Peterloo graphic novel for schools!

Other Recommended Resources

Have a look at this excellent new interactive map created by
Dr Katrina Navickas, using data from our names lists.

And if you haven't already, you might like to explore our detailed list of the names of all those who we know were there at Peterloo, and to see if you have a link to them by name, location or occupation.

Published in May 2019 and written and illustrated by members of the Peterloo Memorial Campaign, this verbatim graphic novel, Peterloo - Witnesses to a massacre, brings the story to life through the voices of people present at Peterloo.
More details here.

UK's leading Peterloo Historian, Robert Poole's Peterloo: the English Uprising (OUP), July 2019,is based on over 400 eye-witness accounts. An unforgettable portrait of Regency Manchester, its corruption, riots, and attempted uprisings.
Order yours now.

Produced by Ocean Cad, this animation clearly shows the sequence of events as they took place on St. Peter's Field on the 16th August 1819.

All Things Considered contains news and information about all things Peterloo-related and is a place for people to exchange ideas, to explore new activities, make new contacts, sell, share, learn, chat and generally put the world to rights.

The John Rylands Library houses one of the finest collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives in the world. This Bulletin publishes research that complements the Library's special collections.

The Peterloo Witness project has collected and transcribed virtually all the eye-witness evidence for Peterloo. 350 eye-witness accounts in all, together with information about over a thousand people who were there.