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More Information

The Peterloo Witness Project is the most complete and up-to-date collection of transcribed eye-witness evidence for Peterloo.

The University of Manchester's John Ryland Library have recently released a Peterloo Collection which includes posters, speeches and newspaper reports relating to Peterloo.

The Parson Harrison - Peterloo Reformer blog is an excellent resource for following the history of the Radical Movement.

Paul Mason's website 'Live Working or Die Fighting' has more links. Paul's one man re-enactment of the massacr was broadcast on Radio 4.

Also on Radio 4 Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time covered Peterloo, it's historical context and legacy.

Professor Michael Bush has researched into the number of casualties at Peterlooo (it's his figures used on the new plaque). His book about the
Massacre, The Casualties of Peterloo is available from Amazon (and other bookshops).

The Spartacus website is a mine of information, including the background to the protest, profiles and eyewitness accounts from both sides.

The People's History Museum in Manchester was founded partly to remember Peterloo.

Press Coverage

On Television the campaign has so far been covered by BBC 2 Newsnight, BBC TV northwest, and That's Manchester.

Radio coverage has included GMR, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Scotland .

The press picked up the story and we made it into Manchester Evening News, South Manchester Reporter, Big Issue.

The Guardian (which was itself founded as a direct result of Peterloo) had both this feature and this commentary piece.

BBC Online has run pieces on both its national website and local Manchester section.

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