The Peterloo Memorial Campaign has been set up to lobby for a RESPECTFUL, INFORMATIVE and PERMANENT
memorial to this profound event.

Peterloo was a critical event not only because of the number of people killed and injured, but because ultimately it changed public opinion to influence the extension of the right to vote and give us the democracy we enjoy today.

We've discovered that we are part of a long tradition - people have been demanding a fitting memorial for nearly 200 years!

The only previous public memorial to Peterloo is a commemorative plaque on the side of the Radisson Hotel, formerly the Free Trade Hall. We have successfully campaigned to have the old blue plaque replaced with one that is accurate and informative.

An 1842 obelisk-style monument to the event in Ancoats once existed, but deteriorated so badly it was demolished by 1888.

A 1951 mural in the former Free Trade Hall (sold to the Radisson Hotel chain, who have converted the building into a luxury hotel) still exists in an upstairs corridor, but it, sadly, is as strikingly 'airbrushed' as the plaque, showing washed out, blank banners, protesters apparently viciously fighting amongst themselves, and the cavalry coming to the rescue.

A new more accurate mural (derived from the Peterloo graphic novel, was recently installed in the historic Abercromby pub on Bootle Street.

We've held campaign events to mark each anniversary over the years. These have helped to keep up the pressure for a fitting memorial, as well as inviting the public to get involved in re-establishing the tradition of gathering to honour and strengthen democracy. See more on our Campaign Events page.