*Important News*

Jeremy Deller's memorial design is now on public display at Central Library until the 10th Nov 2018.

See here for more details of the Peterloo 2019 exhibition of the design.

If you can't make it to Central Library from the 1st - 10th November to see the design exhibition, the following are images of Jeremy Deller's design. Click on images below to enlarge.

To particpate in The Peterloo Memorial Campaign's independent survey, please read below.
You can participate online here. Our independent survey of public reaction to the design will run from the
1st November until midnight on the 10th November 2018. Don't miss this chance to register your opinion with us.

Before you complete the very short survey, we ask you to please read our RIP document which has been mutually agreed to by us,
Manchester City Council and the commissioned artist Jeremy Deller.

The following images help indicate the chosen location for the permanent memorial.

This is extremely close to where the 'hustings' speaker's cart stood, which was the target of the military attack, and so is generally regarded as the authentic location, and we in the campaign strongly endorse it. Please note that St Peter's Square was NOT the location of Peterloo itself, just of the church after which St Peter's Fields was named. Also see our roll-over maps of the massacre location.

We'll also be participating in the much anticipated bicentenary events. To keep up with the very latest campaign news, join us on Facebook and Twitter. The Manchester Histories umbrella group Peterloo2019, will be organizing a host of 2019 commemoration events, visit them here for updates. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!

In the meantime, you might like to explore our detailed list of the names of all those who we know were there at Peterloo, and to see if you have a link to them by name, location or occupation.

Several members of the campaign are currently finishing a verbatim graphic novel about the massacre. See here for more details.